2016 Holiday Portraits | Schedule

My calendar is officially open to schedule holiday portrait sessions for 2016. Although it is still rather early in the fall, the sooner that you schedule your session will result in your images being ready for many holiday projects and/or decor. If you have any questions, or would like to inquire about a full portrait session, please email me at mary@marisolizaguirre.com

I look forward to meeting lots of new families and seeing lots of former clients this year. Cheers!

Sessions are available to schedule between October 10th and December 10th of 2016. A non-returnable scheduling deposit of $25 is required to reserve your session date and time. The balance is due upon receipt of goods. You can select your choice of props to add to your session if you wish. Visit the prop collection page (http://marisolizaguirre.com/session-props/) to view my collection of hand-curated items. There is no additional fee to include these props. You may also include your own props if you wish. Additionally, props only enhance the vitality of the session but are not required to document great and artistic portraits. You may keep it simple :) 


I've been working on this little garden for a long time now - almost a year. I am so happy that I have managed to maintain it alive and green! The weather down here in South Texas is rather crazy during the winter months but my little patch of plants has done so well with the crazy irregularities. I'm looking forward to continuing to take care of it, shower it with water and love, and watch it grow. 

2014 © Marisol Izaguirre

2014 © Marisol Izaguirre

Happy Friday friends!

Business + Clients

I have the best job ever. Furthermore, I have the best clients - ever. 

I catch myself saying this often but the reality is that I truly mean it. The people that I work for, the ones who hire me, make my job enjoyable and the work that I produce work that I love. Most importantly, they make my job more than merely a job. In weddings, I am often a dress holder, veil catcher, eyelash gluer, and many, many more. I am also constantly asked to sit down at a pretty table and enjoy a lovely meal. "Put down the camera! Eat! Have a little fun!" 

On portrait jobs, my clients often volunteer to carry my gear, hold a reflector, and simply just want to chat. And often, they still want to feed me. My goodness, you people are amazing! Yesterday I photographed a sweet little girl who has recently turned one. I met her last year when she was tiny and this year she is still gorgeous. The best part, I was able to bring my little one with me, and we were treated to some delicious cupcakes. Yum! After our session, we just couldn't help but stroll down the convention center, enjoy our treat, and simply enjoy the fact that I can be a stay at home mom, do work that I love, and spend my time with a sweet little princess who calls me mom. 

My little one and I enjoyed a day's work and treats afterwards, as did the new baby in my tummy. 

2014 © Marisol Izaguirre

2014 © Marisol Izaguirre

Thank you God. You are truly amazing… leading me on a path to my very own happiness.

And special thank you to RGV Cupcake Factory in McAllen, Texas and Sabrina for the royal treatment. Thank you!