XLIV | Pablo Neruda

A poetry favorite...

You must know that I do not love and that I love you,

because everything alive has its two sides;

a word is one wing of the silence,

fire has its cold half.


I love you in order to begin to love you,

to start infinity again

and never to stop loving you:

that's why I do not love you yet.


I love you, and I do not love you, as if I held

keys in my hand: to a future of joy -

a wretched, muddled fate - 


My love has two lives, in order to love you:

that's why I love you when I do not love you,

and also why I love you when I do. 


Pablo Neruda (Translated by Stephen Tapscott)

2013 © Marisol Izaguirre

2013 © Marisol Izaguirre

Enjoy the brand new week friends. 


I've been working on this little garden for a long time now - almost a year. I am so happy that I have managed to maintain it alive and green! The weather down here in South Texas is rather crazy during the winter months but my little patch of plants has done so well with the crazy irregularities. I'm looking forward to continuing to take care of it, shower it with water and love, and watch it grow. 

2014 © Marisol Izaguirre

2014 © Marisol Izaguirre

Happy Friday friends!