AUGUST GOALS setting a standard for myself | personal

I've been at the office pretty much all day since I woke up this morning catching up on some work, worried because I forgot to file a franchise tax report back in May and after locking myself out of my online account I managed to finally get back in with the help of an operator. I've also been ceaselessly attempting to clean my office but alas I don't even know where to start. Instead of cleaning it, I added to the mess and left remnants of a french fry on my desk along with two half empty cups.


"Tomorrow",  I tell myself, "tomorrow I'll clean up." 

Well, since I began thinking about what to write for tonight's blog post I decided that I needed to pick up that leftover french fry, put away the cups, and really make myself tidy up my desk tomorrow. Now that I think about it, I realized that I should apply that mentality not merely to the aesthetic look of my current state of office but to my overall state of mind, both personally and professionally. Thus, I think it's time I start setting monthly goals. It's a brand new month {Hello August!}, so why not?

I'll start off small...

Business Goals:
1.  Clean & organize my home office
2.  Blog daily for the whole month of August
3.  Order that new sample album
4.  Work on some marketing (it's been a while!)
5.  Book one wedding this month

Personal Goals: 
1.  Learn to make ranchero beans
2.  Clean my laundry room
3.  Maintain my entry way mini-garden
4.  Photograph Abigail daily
5.  Surprise my husband with an amazing home-cooked meal, dessert included

It's a new month so I feel motivated! 

It's almost the weekend, yay! Oh wait - I'm a wedding photographer. ;)