ERIKA + VICTOR gladys porter zoo wedding | brownsville, texas

Erika and Victor's wedding joined my summer schedule almost at the very last minute. Two weeks prior to the wedding date, I met Erika to discuss wedding photography. While we met in June and I was aware that her wedding was in July, it did not dawn on me until we were planning her engagement session that the wedding day was quickly approaching. For some reason, my sense of time during the summer is not as sharp as I thought. The days of summer, while long, seem to pass quicker than I thought. 

Guests at a wedding I photographed early in June, Victor and Erika were meant to be one of my wedding couples. After meeting with both of them, I honestly felt like I had known them a lot longer than a mere two weeks! Every time I spoke with Erika I kept feeling like I knew her from somewhere before. Careful thought and consideration led me to realize that she reminded me so much of one of my favorite co-workers from the law firm. 

Victor and Erika have dated for over ten years! These newlyweds were finally ready to tie the knot and celebrate with a proper wedding. As the only daughter in her family, Erika planned a beautiful wedding that her parents could be proud of. Victor is caring, charismatic, and completely in love with Erika. While both of their personal vows during the ceremony were heartfelt, Victor's were written with a little bit of comic book humor. 

It was very special to witness these two get married as it was evident all of their guests had long awaited this moment. Congratulations Erika and Victor!!!

I had an amazing time at their wedding and loved the fact that we were treated very special at the Gladys Porter Zoo in Brownsville, Texas for their wedding portraits. Thank you to the Gladys Porter Zoo and to the Bride and Groom along with the bridal party for their cooperation. Erika and Victor, thank you for allowing me to photograph your wedding. Congratulations again, be blessed!

Special thank you to Joe Rokxs Entertainment, the DJ services, for sharing the timeline with me at the last moment! And to my friend Monica, of M. Perdomo Photography, for lending me her wide angle lens at the very last minute. Thank you!!!