The Enriquez Family. McAllen, Texas

I truly do have the best clients for my business. I absolutely enjoy keeping in touch with everyone I photograph and watching them grow as individuals and families. The Enriquez Family have been clients of mine for over two years now and I have seen their family grow beautifully over the past few years. Leiah and L.T. have come to me to photograph some of the most important times in their lives and I am very thankful that I have seen them grow together as a couple and as a family. 

This year was no different, Leiah called me up and scheduled a portrait session just in time to remember the holidays for her little family. This year, I got to photograph the Enriquez and the Garcia's to capture the larger and extended part of L.T. and Leaih's family. 

It is always fun to photograph them and while carrying a large belly made chasing after little Ryan and Matt was a little more difficult this time around, I still very much enjoyed it. 

We start with the Garcia's... grandparents of these adorable little boys!

L.T. and Leiah, your boys are growing so handsome!

Leiah and L.T., thank you for allowing me to photograph your lovely family. The boys have grown up so much since the last time they were in front of my camera but it is a joy to see them so happy and blessed. You two have a beautiful family and I wish you every happiness in the world as you continue to grow in your marriage, family and life. 

May I get to photograph y'all for many, many more years!

Happy Wednesday friends :)