Siblings... Portraits! McAllen, Texas

As the eldest in my family, I feel like my three little brothers are somewhat still my responsibility. I love them, care for them and want to be heavily involved in their lives as they mature into young adults. While they are certainly not little anymore, as all three of them tower over me, I am still their big sister. Together, we are siblings who fight, laugh, and love each other.

Last week I had the pleasure of meeting a pair of siblings who feel the same way about their family. While they were once a group of brothers and sisters consisting of five, these two are the last ones standing from their parent's children. Still very much brother and sister, still very much caring for one another. 

I had such a fun time photographing them both. They were troopers and looked absolutely dapper in their Sunday best. As I saw them interact with one another, I became excited as I thought about my brothers and I growing older together and still very much keeping the relationships we have with each other today. 

There's nothing like the love of a sibling, take a look for yourself...

Laura, thank you for allowing me to photograph your mother and uncle. They were adorable to work with and so easy to photograph. I wish them and yourself a very joyous holiday season and hope they get to enjoy many more family time with each other!

Happy Thursday my friends :)