Jimena...Portraits. Edinburg, Texas

Jimena is graduating with her nursing degree tomorrow morning, wahooo!!!! I am delighted that I had the honor and the opportunity of being capable (literally) of photographing Jimena as she closes her undergraduate career at university. I can't believe just four years ago she was a freshman... now she's on her way to being a grown up!

Jimena and I met up at UTPA to capture some portraits of her to celebrate her upcoming graduation. She has worked very hard, especially the last few semesters maintaining an above average curriculum in the nursing program. She is so, so bright. 

Along with great intelligence, Jimena possesses a wonderful quality... a great sense of humor! She can be so witty and funny without even trying. It is always fun spending time with her because she always makes me laugh, in a good way!

For months, I have called her "Nurse Jimena" in a loving matter... when she came with me to Austin during the summer as my travel buddy for a wedding I felt safe with her in the car. C'mon, I was traveling with "Nurse Jimena!" Ha! Well, now, she will officially be a nurse and will make a great one. 

Jimena, congratulations on your graduation! Your hard work, enthusiasm, and dedication have paid off. 

Congratulations Jimena!!! I know your family is extremely proud of you and guess what, so am I!!!! Delta Zeta made us sisters, your big sister made us family and I am very honored to be your friend. The nursing world is ready for a caring nurse as yourself! Welcome to the real world... kick butt!!!

Happy Friday friends!