Ryan + Shenah... Engaged! Hidalgo, Texas

As 2012 draws near to its conclusion, I am delighted to share one final engagement session with you! I met Ryan back earlier this year when my husband and I got married. He is one of Joshua's closest friends and I had the pleasure of meeting him on our wedding day. Fast forward a few months later and he proposes to his beautiful girlfriend, Shenah!

Yay for proposals!

I didn't get to meet Shenah until some double dates later on in the months but as soon as we met I knew she was fun, spunky and the type of person who is genuine. Seeing them together immediately tells you how much they are in love with one another. Now, it's not in a lovey-dovey public-affection-kinda' way but rather in the way they speak to and of each other. It's encouraging and definitely made photographing them together so easy. 

Shenah and Ryan are both really cool people. They are down to earth, enjoy being outdoors, and absolutely value family and friends. Most importantly, they value one another and are excitedly planning not only one but two wedding celebrations to share with family and friends for the upcoming year!!! 

Shenah and Ryan, congratulations again on your engagement and upcoming wedding! I am delighted to have been able to photograph you both to document such a special and momentous time in your lives. I wish you both much love, health and happiness as you embark on the journey to becoming husband and wife. Happy Wedding Planning!

P.S. Thank you for dinner... yummy!!!

Good Sunday friends!