South Texas Wedding Showcase. 04/22/12

These past few days have been a whirlwind!!! The last I remember is it being Wednesday and now I have just realized that Sunday is a few hours from being over. Whoah. It had been a while since I was this busy; I had another wedding fair today and very glad that I decided to participate in it. Participating in these past two bridal fairs have made me realize a few things about myself. They served to teach me and to remind me of a few things I may have forgotten over the past few months while on some sort of unofficial photography sabbatical.  As a friend recently reminded me... it's time to take of the pajamas and hustle! Ha ha :)

First, I can do anything I set my mind to. Don't rely on any one but yourself so that you know everything you need to do and can prioritize your duties. When you forget something, you forgot to bring it because you failed to plan accordingly... no blaming mom's on this one. Ha! Second, think big and dream bigger. You won't be for every client and every wedding won't be for you. Third, don't eat popcorn while you are public speaking. Ha! Kernels in braces is a tough look to pull off. Fourth, don't fret on the other. Be yourself because nobody can do that better than you. No matter how much they replicate, you are still you - and no one else is. Fifth, bring wheels. I was smart today and packed to the max my little cart on wheels. Carrying, loading and unloading was way easier today. 

Most importantly, I remembered that although I am little, I am mighty and I am strong. Nothing beats girl power!  

In between last Saturday and Thursday, I managed to break my phone - again. This makes the FIFTH iPhone I have broken. I have a horrible track record... whaaa :(

My mom made my tablecloth and bows :)

If you came by my booth and were a bride, you received a bridal garter as a gift! These were custom made by my mother and me... I hope you like them! Happy Wedding Planning!!! Xoxo

South Texas Wedding Expo, thank you for allowing me to participate! Your event was wonderful and your staff was so cordial and helpful. I had a lot of fun :) Thank you!

And thank you to all my well wishers who were there with me in thoughts, prayers and spirits ;) Y'all are the best!

Friends, are you getting married?! Call me!!! Xoxo :)

P.S. Big hello to my new friend Melissa, who I second shot with on Saturday for a wedding!!! More on this soon... Hi Melissa!!!