D'Gala Grand Opening 04/19/2012

Yesterday I had a table at D'Gala Event Center as it celebrated its grand opening and held a bridal fair. I can't believe I was actually nervous... I have no fingernails left!!! I can't bite my nails or nibble on them because of my braces but I still found and managed a way to get rid of them all. I suppose it was because I was all alone at the event and have been surrounded by my loved ones these past few months that I felt as if I was swimming on my own.

And I was. I swam and got my groove back. 

This is little ol' me and my table. 

{Photo by Joshua :)}

D'Gala Banquet & Event Center
2100 W Nolana Ave. 
McAllen, Texas 

I met great wedding vendors and amazing couples getting ready to wed. The facility and event coordinator prepared an amazing event. I felt so fancy ;) If you attended the event fair but somehow missed my table, please feel free to give me a call. We can chat about my wedding photography and your wedding photography needs!

D'Gala Banquet & Event Center is newly remodeled and is a lovely place to host your upcoming wedding. I am delighted to have seen it and cozied up inside meeting amazing people. If you met me, come by the office and say hello!

Have a great day!