Sand, glitter, a bride, and an alligator.

This weekend was jam-packed with a beautiful bride, tons of sand, sparkly lace and an alligator!!!!! Oh how fun! If I didn't have muscles Friday night, I most certainly do now... my legs are so sore as is my booty from squatting down, getting up, and rolling - literally - on the ground for two full days of shooting.  This weekend has left me bruises, sand in my ears and buns of steel.

And my hands, oh my little itty-bitty hands are very much tired. My camera is little but still heavy... I should probably put the neck strap back on.... hmmm, there's an idea Marisol!

How's this for juxtaposition of what my weekend consisted of...

Thank you Yva and Sofi for all your help this weekend! And Valerie, you are amazing with your brides!!! Working hard feels oh-so-good... Someone is going to have to drag me out of bed tomorrow morning!

This week I'm looking forward to: Making new friends, Top Chef Texas, Sofia's Birthday!!! What about you?

Make it a great weekend friends!!!