M s I t K u E d

I am the eldest in my family and the only girl... sometimes, well, many times, the boys forget that I am a girl and make me feel like I'm truly a part of the gang. I am just one of the guys for them... awkward? No! I am very close to all three of them and although they treat me like I am their little sister, I know that with a stern glance or a deep yell I can nonetheless always intimidate them. The best part of being their older sister is definitely disciplining them... Ohh the perks of having younger siblings. 

While the boys have grown up to be bigger than me and attempt to boss me around quite often, I can still see the little skinny boys they used to be running around the house chasing me. Just in the past two years they have suddenly grown from my little brothers to becoming my brothers. No minuscule adjective necessary. 

And they are also very, very talented. Each one of us in my family has been blessed with an artistic talent. I suppose we merely have the gene and we are very much thankful for it!

My brother Michael is a writer, like me. He is a really, really good writer. The both of us enjoy writing poetry and I think he is amazing at it. A few years ago he embarked on his "I want to be a rapper stage" and, quite frankly, I thought it was merely a stage. Let's preface... in middle school he went through many stages of what he wanted to be. At some point between 6th and 8th grade he was adamant about becoming a gardener. 

Did I make you giggle? Because it made our family giggle... we eventually realized what he meant was a landscape architect. The phase, like many before it and after, quickly faded. So when I realized he was writing his very first rap song two years ago I did not think the phase would last long. But it did. And it evolved. And it continues to evolve....

My brother Michael is an amazing lyricist. He makes me very proud to know that his English college courses are adequately implemented in his verses. Mike, make your professors proud!

It is Michael that helped me find my own niche in the rap industry... remember my rap video I made about my love for photography? It was all thanks to him. 

I am delighted to call him my brother. I am proud of the hard work he places into each word he notes. Most importantly, I am very proud of the dedication, devotion he has to succeed. The future has great things for him, I know it. 

Michael has entered, for the second year in a row, a contest where he writes lyrics and makes a video to a supplied beat. To win, he requires your help. I would like to please ask that you help me to help him by voting for his video. You can vote daily and I will love you forever if you can please vote for the next few days and spread the word with everyone you know. He needs all the votes out there!!!

Here's how...
Use the following link to cast your vote daily:
Vote daily until February 12, 2012.

We truly appreciate your help, thank you!

Please note, I do not like to curse and as much as I am hesitant to hear a bad word hear and there I am delighted to share with you my brother's video... please vote!!!!!!!!!!!

Go Michael!!!! Ahem, I mean M s I t K u E d
He wrote his lyrics, filmed the video with a digital camera (go Nikon!) and edited the video all by himself.

***I need to create a follow up to my rap video... ideas?***