Yva and I drove to South Padre Island today for Mariel's bridal session... On the way over we discussed all sorts of crazy stuff - our plans for a motorcycle/scooter gang, ninja skills, and our sorority sister Sofia's future. It was during our discussion of the bright future Sofi has at her fingertips that I too asked Yva a very important question...

Attorney. Photographer. Ninja. 

What should I be? Quick, pick one!

Why can't you combine all three? Oh yeah... Yva, you're a genius. 

Rewind about 25 minutes prior to the conversation and drive. I sneak up behind my youngest brother and karate chop him on his back. "Did I catch you off guard?" I ask him. "Umm, no. I heard you coming behind me," he replies. What?! I was so totally practicing my ninja skills. He heard my car keys jingle as they flung around from my back pocket. 

Okay, so I have yet to perfect my recently acquired ninja skills. But, yes there is a but, I am always ninja-ing around during my sessions and weddings. I climb trees, roll on the ground and inconspicuously photograph wedding days. Surely, I am a ninja. 

Whoah. My logic is a little off there but Yva and I realized that I can already be, sort of, a ninja and a photographer. Thus, decisions are not that hard. She also then proceeded to suggest I become ordained and marry people, umm... Yva are you crazy?! 

So what's my point? My point is I can be whatever I want to be. As long as I want it ;)

Which brings me to the following... Yva has been wanting to do some more hands on assisting and, as promised, I wanted to teach her to photograph effortlessly. And today she did! My little Yva, you have tons to learn as do I but you are a complete natural in my eyes. 

Since I cannot yet share with you today's bridal session... how about I share with you Yva's photos that she took of yours truly.

I'm a natural... ninja that is!!!! Here I am, incognito. 

Way to go my young grasshopper Yva. Yippee! You photographed manually and learned to compose artistically. Ah-mazing :) This weekend is filled with a bride, good friends, sand, and a full day of boudoir sessions tomorrow. I'm such a lucky gal to have great help... for baggage, work, and always a good laugh. 

You can do whatever you set your minds to my friends. Anything you wish, you can do it. I'm a photographer and, in my dreams, I am the greatest ninja - ever. Be an attorney, that is in God's hand if it'll end up in my future. ::crosses fingers:: 

Have a beautiful weekend my friends!