Happy Birthday AJ!!!

I was elven years old when my little brother AJ was born. I changed his diapers, washed his bottles and taught him how to walk. If I close my eyes, I can clearly see him walking through the house stumbling with his chubby little legs. I get quiet and I can hear him "oohing and ahhing" as he screams for someone to reach in his crib and take him out to play. I can hear his baby talk progress as he learns how to speak and eventually correctly pronounce my name. I can see him, a baby grow up into a toddler and eventually be ready for elementary school. 

Mary! Mary! He always calls my name. Except now I look up rather than down to speak to him or listen. I can no longer call him my munchkin... he's practically a giant! He has surpassed me in height a fews years now and seems to continue to grow every day. I look at him and wonder where the time went. One minute he was a baby clinging on to me and now he carries my bags for me. Wow. Can you imagine how my mother feels?

I am very protective of my three younger brothers. I am their big sister and they are like my three children. I worry for them. I discipline them. I jump for joy when they are happy. I can't believe they are growing up so quickly. AJ, my middle little brother has just turned 15 today! Whoah!!! 

I was scared the day my mom was rushed to the hospital after the stove, pictured in the background of the image below, caught on fire. Mom was trying to stop the fire and rush Michael and I out of the house safely all while being 8 months pregnant. She tripped and fell prompting the early labor of my little brother. I remember she was rushed off and I was afraid I couldn't accompany her. That night, this kiddo arrived...

Kitchen looks good now... and so does my handsome little brother. AJ, I love you so much! I am so proud of the young man you are becoming and wish you a very blessed life! Hugs :) 
Xoxo, Your Big Sister :)

Good night friends!!