Leslie + Rick... Married! Harlingen, Texas

My dear, I truly am blessed to have such amazingly beautiful and caring clients... Leslie and Rick hold a special place in my heart.

When I met them over a year ago, I never imagined I would get to know them and ultimately be chosen as their wedding photographer. Leslie and I had emailed one another but the day she finally booked me, I was ecstatic! She was one of my first weddings booked for 2011 and I am so very honored to have been able to watch her say I do to her very own prince charming.

During their engagement session over the Christmas break, I finally had the chance to meet Rick. Leslie and Rick are very much perfect for one another. The self professed bully fell in love with his very own princess. The two of them dated over the past few years after high school and have recently embarked on a brand new path - marriage!

I knew I would have a great time getting to know them because we spend their entire engagement session giggling and making jokes. And, most importantly, they laughed at my jokes! Oh Rick and Leslie, you make me feel so witty :)

Their August (yikes!! I'm barely blogging...) nuptials were so romantic, beautiful and so much fun!!! Their wedding reception was hip and happening... if I wasn't working I definitely would have joined in the crowd for some booty shaking and some country line dancing. 

Leslie and Rick, as all of my wonderful clients, you made me feel very much as a guest at your wedding. Thank you! I am delighted to have met you both and wish you every happiness in this world as the two of you navigate your paths together, as husband and wife. You're married, YAY!!!

My beloved friends, I hope the extra hour is helping you feel much more relaxed... I certainly think it's helping ;) Good night!!!