Zombie Mary. {Growl...}

Umm.... my five-foot-two-one-hundred-ten-pound little body is e.x.h.a.u.s.t.e.d. Quite frankly, I feel utterly lazy and fatigued. I'm not really tired but, rather, I feel like I am physically moving through the motions of everyday living.

I'm getting more sleep than I'm used to yet I am more and more exhausted every day. I'll be going in for a check up... sooner than later I hope. 

{so tired to type...} I have so much I want to share with you but unfortunately I have not had the time to write, to post, to tell. I'm hoping to catch up on my blogging this month. I promise :)

I am most certain that I simply need a little bit of peaceful relaxation... perhaps a full day at the spa ending with a fully body massage. Sigh... I will add that to my Chirstmas/Birthday Wish list :)

So since I have been out of touch with you, my dear reader, for quite a few days... I figured I'd get back into the blogging routine by rambling on about some unusual tidbits...

Here's a few things to make you smile:
  1. I thought my braces bill was due on the 1st of the month and just realized it was the third today... all morning I felt like my mouth was going beep obnoxiously because I had not paid it yet. Yikes! Can you eee-magine? That would be utterly hilarious! Granted, I know it's not possible but the anxiety of forgetting to pay the orthodontist was driving me crazy today, until I realized the bill is due at the end of the month... oopsie :)
  2. I know I said I'd blog a wedding last week (I think!) and still haven't but I will this weekend - promise. To my faithful reader, come back tomorrow ;)
  3. It's getting easier for me to forget to comb my hair daily... yikes!!!
  4. It's the 3rd of November today... oh-em-geee! My 26th is right around the corner... AND I FOUND MORE GRAY HAIR!!! 
  5. I've been back at a full time-day time job for six whole months now... this is me working during lunch hour ---> 

Ummm.... pray that I re-find my balance. Pu-uh-lease :)

I love you much my friends :)
Until tomorrow... good night :)