Yva Dyva {Office Manager & Assistant Extraordinaire}

As you may have noticed, by my less than **sparkly** and **giddy** blog posts... these past few months have been a little draining for me. This business has grown exponentially and with growth comes growing pains... or in my case, I get the urge to add way more things on my to do lists.

It is with no exception, thus, that assistance was most certainly needed, coveted and very much desired. Back in 2010, at this exact time last year, I wished and dreamt of having my very own office space. As I have previously disclosed, I did not imagine it would happen so soon... Thank you Jesus!!!

So with a new office, all to myself, I next dreamt of having someone to work at the office... someone who could understand me, know me and, most importantly, loved passionately the concept of weddings, photography and all things sparkly & pretty. 

This person, I imagined, would eventually appear at the right moment down the future. And she would jump on board... again I never imagined she'd pop out so quickly! Oh Yva, Yva has truly carved a little nook in my heart where I hold the spaces for the special people in my life. It was not planned, it was not designated, it just simply became inherent for Yva to take over Marisol Izaguirre LLC as the Office Manager and as my Assistant. 

I'd like to officially welcome Yva De La Rosa and to personally introduce her to you my beloved friends. 


Yva is an amazing person who truly cares for those around her. She is kind, caring and full of a wonderful bubbly personality. She is my sorority sister, my friend, and now my trusty sidekick in the coolest job ever. 

Shabby. Vintage. Girly. I think I'm describing myself but guess what? That's totally YVA!!!

Miss De La Rosa is happily engaged to a true prince charming. This future Mrs. Hilbery is in the process of planning her very own wedding!!! As a bride herself, she brings a great perspective and personality to Marisol Izaguirre LLC. She scourges the wedding blogs like nobody's business. Style Me Pretty. Ruffled Blog. Wedding Chicks. You name it, she's seen it. And weddings aside, Yva has an impeccable eye for style. She is one talented woman. 

Yva is a planner, attentive to detail and very, very, very organized. She is a blessing in disguise and I would be so overwhelmed if she wasn't here right now. Yva, thank you!!! She has completely organized me over the past two weeks, wow!

But the best part, the best part is that she gets me. She totally gets me. 

At every session, wedding, meeting she reaches out and hands me an ice-cold-coca-cola. Ahhh.... quenches my thirst :) 

Together, we have spent this summer planning, crafting, dreaming and drinking lots of soda. Yikes!

So now my friends, former, existing and future clients, if you don't recognize my voice... it's probaby Yva! She will be dealing with all the office mangager-y stuff and tag along for as many sessions and weddings as possible from here on now. She'll also do her best to make you giggle :)

You can also follow Yva's blog... The Crowning Jewel... as she writes about her upcoming wedding, including ideas and tips, as well as posting about the Behind the Scenes at Marisol Izaguirre Photography. Here's a link to her wedding blog --> http://thecrowningjewel.blogspot.com/

And now, a friendly face to the lovely soul...

She's really funny. No, really. Funny. 

Yva De La Rosa
Office Manager/Assistant

Yva, in a nutshell :)

Ideally, Yva will learn quickly her way around shooting manually... Our goal is to have join me in photographing from time to time. What do you think? I think she can do it :) The best part is, she wants to learn!

Did I mention we love Coca Cola?...

And, well because I simply had to... I swear she insists on carrying everything, promise!!! Bwahahahaha :) She's the best!!! {See the sodas?!}

Yva, thank you for absolutely everything you do. You are such a help. Actually, help is an understatement. You are truly my sidekick. I turn and look for something and you are, literally, already there reaching out holding whatever it is I could possibly need - be it a lens or my own wallet. You have learned to speak Mary, along with Sofia, impeccably. Today I spent all afternoon, about 4 hours, at the doctor's having everything checked. And Yva so willingly calls in to check up on me at the end of the day. Who does that? Yva does... because she cares and is truly a caring friend. I am very blessed to have such amazing people in my life like you Yva. Sister, I am ever grateful.