Omar + Virginia are Married! Mission, Texas


Virginia and Omar have been married for one whole month now and I have been so behind of sharing their wedding with you on the blog. But, alas my friends, I have managed to sit my booty down and prepare some of my favorite images from their wedding day and share them with you. 

When I booked this wedding on my calendar back in 2010, November to be exact, the actual wedding date seemed so far away. June was more than half a year away but I was anxious to photograph Virginia and Omar. Originally, we had planned their engagement session for late winter or early spring but due to scheduling conflicts we were unable to meet until the last weeks of April. 

And then June came. Virginia and Omar were married on a beautiful sunny day at a beautiful church where Omar has attended for many years. Virginia and Omar were introduced by some mutual friends and began dating after Virginia received her doctorate in Pharmacy. 

At first glance, Omar is quite the timid groom. He smiles softly and supports his lovely bride, Virginia, in everything she does. But on this day, I finally got to see Omar loosen up and show more of his personality. Virginia is so effortlessly charming. She exudes confidence and classiness. Truly, she made an absolutely beautiful bride!

Omar is an engineer and Virginia is a pharmacist. Together, they create the perfect balance of caring, strength and love. I can foresee them heading into the future completely in love with one another. I really enjoyed spending the day with them, as I do with all of my couples. 

We get to bond and know a little more about each other than you'd typically expect to learn from your wedding vendor and client. But I work a little different.... not only am I your photographer but I serve as whatever you need that day. Be it capturing the intricate details you have so effortlessly planned or running to the store and getting you some eyelash glue... true story! :)

Again, I thank all of my brides and grooms for allowing me to catch a glimpse into their lives. And on this occasion, I thank Virginia and Omar for picking me as their wedding photographer. I had so much fun at their wedding!!!

Love :)

Virginia and Omar, I hope Jamaica treated you well!!! Welcome back to Texas and Congratulations again on your marriage! May the two of you be truly blessed.

It's going to be a great week! :)