For being quite a little chatterbox, I have struggled on focusing my mind on specific things to blog about over the past few weeks. It's not that I do not have anything to write about but, rather, that I have so much I can think of. My mind is a little, well a lot, all over the place... but that's a good thing. Although I must admit I just deleted an entire blog post and started re-writing exactly one sentence ago. 

Gahh!!! Indecisive much? Ha! Tonight I'll just share a funny thought with you...

I am sitting here, on my bed, after having spent the latter part of the day doing my laundry enjoying some much needed television. It could be the romantic in me, the fact that I am a girl or maybe because I am a wedding photographer but I gush at the thought of two people falling in love. I am such a sucker for a cinderella story, aren't you?!

There's a commercial break right now but any moment Drop Dead Diva will come back on and I will gush over how handsome Grayson is and then get irritated at the fact that he does not realize his true love is right in front of him. Literally. 

In case you're not familiar, let me give you a quick rundown. Grayson is an attorney who loves his girlfriend, Deb - a young lady a little less bright but quite lovely. Deb, unfortunately and abruptly dies only to return to life in the body of Jane... an attorney who works with Grayson. Did I mention Grayson is handsome? Well, he is. He is also oblivious to the fact that Jane is Deb and about to marry some other woman. 

Can you understand my turmoil!!! Okay, so I just rambled about a fictional television show. Gosh, I am crazy aren't I? I thank you for amusing me and still reading... 

But I have a point, I think. 

My point is, I am thrilled to be a wedding photographer. Regardless of what type of day, week, or year I am having, when I show up on a wedding day to work I gush over how happy my couples are. 

Sigh... to be in love ;)

Okay, this time I mean it... Virginia and Omar's wedding will make its full debut on the blog tomorrow.

Have a great week!!!