Brycee + David... Engaged! McAllen, Texas

I have noticed a trend in many of the clients who have booked me over the past year... the men my brides are head over heels in love with are ah-mahzing! How so? Well, many of the grooms themselves have been the first ones to contact me. I'll get emails and phone calls from the male perspective... it's the groom calling me to inquire about my photography and set up meetings. 

Girls, you are so lucky!!! It really brings a smile to my face when I see them during our initial meeting until way after the wedding day. The grooms are such gentlemen and are always, always looking out for their beautiful brides. 

David was no exception. Back in late April or early May David contacted me about setting up a meeting to discuss their wedding photography needs. And then I finally met Brycee... Together the two of them are the epitome of a loving couple. The way their eyes meet and their hands touch so inconspicuously is very telling of their love. 

Brycee and David balance one another in so many ways. David is quiet but Brycee knows exactly how to make him laugh. Brycee is fun and loves to smile... a quality I am sure David absolutely loves. As an engaged couple, they meticulously planned a celebration of their love. A celebration with which to share with their loving family and friends. A celebration I was delighted to be a part of as their wedding photographer. 

As these two love birds begin their marriage life, I'll share with you some of my favorite shots from their engagement session....

Brycee and David, WAHOOOO!!! You're now married :) I am so excited to share their wedding day images with you soon. 

I am having an amazing week and I will make it continue! I hope you are, too :)