Cristina and Rollie are having a baby!!! Weslaco, Texas

Cristina and Rollie have been married for a few years now and are ready to start a family. When I first met them it immediately felt as if I had already known them. Over the phone, during our initial conversations, it just felt right. Speaking with Cristina and discussing the needs of her session was so effortless. I really did feel like they were one of my past couples coming back for me to photograph the next chapter in their lives together. 

Rollie warned me that he was not very comfortable in front of the camera many times before and during the session. And while Cristina was a complete natural, Rollie was no where as shy as he made himself out to be. The two of them together are so in love and very much excited for the birth of their baby daughter. Spending a lovely Sunday morning with them as we took a stroll was wonderful. We learned more about each other and I was able to see them interact, not only as a married couple, but as future parents. 

Cristina and Rollie, thank you for selecting me as your photographer! I am so delighted to have met you and wish you nothing but a healthy delivery and healthy baby! I can't wait to meet her!!! Be blessed :)

 Rollie and Cristina, may your baby girl be every bit as blessed as your love!

I am looking forward to the weekend, are you?! Be blessed my friends!