As the first college graduate in my family, I served as a guinea pig for my three younger brothers. I succeeded and failed and lived to tell about it. College was so new to me and my parents. As a family, we learned the perils of paying tuition, staying up late and paying more tuition :) Being as supportive as they could be, when I asked my parents their thoughts on my joining a sorority they were hesitant. 

I don't blame them. Hey, do you know how sometimes on tv and movies you see a group of boys who live in a house and have parties during college... Can I join one of those groups but for girls?... except they don't live in a house, they don't drink beer and membership will open up doors when I apply to law school. .. 

They said, umm... NO.

I had no idea how to explain the concept of a sorority to my mother nor my dad. How could I justify adding to my collegiate expense? It'll help for when I apply to post-graduate school, tru-uuust me. 

Becoming a Delta Zeta has truly evolved into an amazing decision. My business, this business, jump started with the support of my sorority sisters. I was sure becoming a Delta Zeta would help my career. And it did. Delta Zeta paved the way for my career in a way I never expected it. It steered me in the right direction and because of the support of my sisters, I built a business. And because of my Delta Zeta sisters, my business grew. 

Delta Zeta, Theta Omicron in particular, thank you. 

As an alumnae, I am honored to give back to an organization - a sisterhood, which has helped mold the young woman I am. This is why I am privileged to have been elected as the 2011-2012 Delta Zeta South Texas Alumnae Chapter President. 

Ladies, I am looking forward to another great year!!! Sofia, our previous and first president did an amazing job creating a foundation to build upon. I have some mighty big shoes to fill :)

So tonight, I'd like to share with you some snapshots from our second annual Derby Party in honor of the graduating seniors.

Towards the end, we went a little wedding dress crazy and tried on cute vintage wedding gowns and veils. Hey, a girl can dream can't she?! 
We had a lovely time :)