There were a few things I wanted to write about for today's blog post but after having a lengthy and insightful conversation this evening with one of my brides {Hi Jennifer!} from earlier this year my gears shifted and I felt like writing about myself. 

Gasp. Don't fret - I'm all about eating a slice of humble pie... so I mostly write this for myself. A reflection; to look back on and remember how far I have come in my life. My life has dramatically changed, both professional and personally, over the past year. I have climbed higher than I ever imagined but I have also fallen deeper than I thought I could. Simultaneously, I have prayed for strength to keep my head up high and keep myself from crying. 

Okay, so I may have failed miserably on the crying part because I have cried, a lot, over the past year. But surprisingly enough, many of those tears have actually been tears of happiness. When I booked my first three thousand dollar wedding, I cried. Well, I jumped up for joy, yelled "Wohooo!" thanked God and cried. In that exact order. 

I am embarking on a new chapter in my life and I AM SO EXCITED for all the good things I am ready to accept in my life!! I have so many dreams and goals... goals and dreams I am ready to accomplish. For so long I felt like my life was on pause. I felt as if someone was holding the remote to my life - aghhh! But I have just realized that no one had me on pause. I have accomplished a goal and have just now realized that. I built a business from something I love.  <--- That deserves a big WOHOOOOOOOO!!!

Dream big! I am :)

I know my future, holds many, many more climbs and falls.  I am ready to embrace them :)

I'm looking forward to Jenny and John's wedding this weekend ;) Yay!!! Have a good night :)