I finally gave my mother her mother's day gift.... Yikes! Thank God I snuck it in before the end of May :) This weekend was the first free weekend I had within the past two months. I planned on spending the days catching up on my sleep, spending time with my family and, did I mention, catching up on my sleep?! 

In actuality, this weekend turned into busy days just as the previous Saturdays and Sundays have been for me. The flip side, I spent all weekend with my mom :) I promised to help her finish her garden for Mother's Day and although we were almost done, there was something missing...

A trellis. She wanted a trellis. I am not a carpenter and no matter how much my dad tries, he would never have had enough time to build it on his own in the coming weeks. So, naturally, I searched and searched and mom found one. We just had to pay for it, oh - and put it together!!!

I love puzzles. I find them exhilarating, challenging and fun. Putting furniture together is like working on a puzzle for me. So of course I was up for the challenge of putting together the trellis.

Have I mentioned I am 5'1.87 and can barely carry my own weight?! There was NO WAY I was going to finish building that thing by myself. Granted I tried, but the boys came to the rescue, whew! Mom's garden truly became a whole family effort this weekend. All of our sweat, figuratively and quite possibly literally - although I promise the boys sweat way more than I do ;) - went into giving mom's beautiful garden the finishing touch she so desired. 

We spoiled my mother this weekend. A trellis, new patio furniture and a yummy dinner thanks to my dad's mad bbq'ing skills... We laughed and joked and over-said way too many Nacho Libre movie quotes the ENTIRE weekend. But we did all that together, like a family.

Together. I am very blessed to have such an unique and loving family. Always here for me no matter what. Always loving me regardless of my failures or success. I love them :)

In the words of Nacho Libre himself, It's Fantastic :)

Mom, I love you!!!!!!!!!!!!! And the boys too ;)

Make this week an amazing one my dear friends!