Jenny + John: Engaged!!! Harlingen, Texas

The perks of photographing people in love is being surrounded by happy couples. Jenny and John are no exception. I truly enjoyed spending a lovely Saturday afternoon with them. Truly, I have the best clients... I am their hired employee and Jenny and John happily drove me around Harlingen. That my friends, is what amazing clients are like!!! Honestly, I felt right at home spending the day with them. 

Chatting over coffee and then enjoying a beautiful afternoon listening to jazz music, umm... yes please!!! Okay, so I don't drink coffee and instead opted for a lemonade, but the point remains the same: I HAVE THE BEST CLIENTS, EVER.

Jenny and John are in love with each other. They express their love for one another through their mannerisms, glances and sweet words about one another. They truly care for each other and John, John is such a gentleman. His love for Jenny is evident in the way he stares at her when she speaks. When he moves a stray hair away from her face as the wind blows, I can almost hear birds chirping a love song. Okay, so I may have gone a little cheesy there but the truth is their love is evident.

Jenny loves John and John loves Jenny. Together they make an amazingly sweet couple and will soon - very soon, embark on an even more amazing life together through marriage. Jenny and John, congratulations on your engagement!!! See you soon ;)


This is what true love looks like :)

Jenny & John, Thank you for driving me around Harlingen that afternoon and thank you for being amazing people. I am delighted that I get to share with you your special day as your wedding photographer. I can't wait for the 28th!!!!

I sure hope you are having a lovely week because I certainly am! Thank you Jesus :)