9 months...

Nine months and three days.

It has taken nine months and three days for my heart to hear something that finally made sense.

Don't cry. Have faith. Trust in the Lord. You are blessed. Stop Crying. Move on. I'm sorry. You'll soon forget. I love you. It's okay to cry but don't waste away.
All rational and cohesive phrases. Every single one was logically correct to say. But my heart, my broken heart wanted more. Not once did anyone say it will get better...

Until yesterday.

Reassurance that it's okay to feel what I feel - that with time the pain will feel less dense.

The mind is a powerful object. I often drive myself crazy when I am alone and feel so hurt. I want to shout; yell louder than loud. Maybe then my dad could hear me and lead me to him.

But it'll get better. With time, I will feel better.

So, to you, I say thank you. 

Be blessed my friends... make it an amazing week :)