Bridal - Itzel :) Weslaco, Texas

Oh-my-gosh! I have been anxiously waiting to post Itzel's photos from her bridal session back in May. Gosh, I can't believe I actually held out and did not even post a mini-peek. Nothing. Zilch. Nada.

But, alas, Itzel and Nathan have wed and before I share with you their wedding photos, I can FINALLY share Itzel's bridals - wohoooo!!!!

It was a lovely afternoon and I had a great time hanging out with Itzel, her mom, sister and aunt. We literally explored the location as if we were taking a little promenade. It was hot but breezy. Itzel looked every bit the perfect bride in her beautiful wedding gown and not one, but two, beautiful bridal bouquets.  

She is simply stunning. Take a look for yourself...

We were done with her session by this time and Itzel had already taken off jewelry, hairpieces, veil and shoes. She was getting ready to change out of her gown but I noticed how beautiful she looked and just couldn't help snapping a few more. Ultimately, these are my favorites from the entire day. There is just something so relaxing and natural about these...

Itzel, thank you for being a tough bride and making it through the day. I am delighted to have been your photographer and truly enjoyed conversing with the important women in your family. Most importantly, I had so much fun at your wedding yesterday!!! Those photos coming real soon ;)

Have a beautiful and blessed Sunday my friends. Enjoy the day!!!