Leslie and Rick, Engaged - Harlingen, Texas

As much as I love photographing weddings, I truly enjoy the time I spend photographing my fabulous couples during their engagement session. The time in front of the camera is much more intimate and definitely way more relaxed. We have all the time in the world, ideally of course, to play around with the surrounding locations and travel to as many places as we could possibly think of. More importantly, we get to interact with one another as photographer and client. This, this is my utmost favorite part. 

I am allowed to be goofy and make them laugh so their portraits are much more relaxed. The engagement session serves as the perfect opportunity for the bride and groom to become acquainted with the photographer's shooting style and personality. We will spend a great chunk of the wedding day together so it is essential that the bride and groom feel comfortable around me and in front of the camera. This results in relaxed imagery even on their most nervous and intimate moments. 

When I first met Rick and Leslie, we had emailed back and forth for a while. It was nice to put a face to the lovely bride I had been communicating with :) Leslie and Rick are truly sweethearts. They have spent a few years learning about one another and are finally ready to wed. The two of them are genuinely a loving couple. They are loving and caring towards one another and to those around them.  Leslie exudes sweetness, she is just so darn sweet! Rick is caring and dearly in love with his fiancee. Together, they are both very intelligent individuals ready to conquer the world as a married couple. 

The self-proclaimed "once-bully and once-bullied", have matured and fallen in love through the years. They have spent countless of hours on Leslie's front porch talking, talking about each other and their futures. I am delighted to have met them and very much looking forward to their August nuptials. Leslie and Rick, thank you for trusting me with photographing your big day!!! I am anxiously awaiting the late summer wedding :) In the meantime, how about some of their engagement session.... 

A quick stop at the church where they will be married... and definitely one of my favorites ;)

I love photographing bride's engagement rings... each one is so unique and tells a very special story.  

Happy Monday!!!

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