CONTEST!!! Tell me about L.O.V.E.

Close your eyes and slumber,
fall deep within your sleep.
I am here to hold you closely
as you dream so carelessly. 

- Marisol Izaguirre, 2011

As January comes to an end later on this week I decided it was time to host a little contest, just in time for Valentine's Day.  When I was little girl my dad would always send me flowers and candy to school on Valentine's Day. I knew nothing about boyfriends or even thought about getting married someday. I came to know Valentine's day as truly a day celebrating love, love of family, love of parents, love of siblings and, later on in life, as love of a special someone. Every aspect, it is unconditional love. 

So yes Valentine's Day may seem overtly commercialized and all about seeing red, but I truly loved receiving valentine's day cards and feeling giggly when the little boys brought you flowers back in elementary school. But the best part, the best part was receiving flowers and chocolates, tons of them, from your family. 

So as for the contest, here is what I am proposing...

The Details - Are you in love? Odds are, you most probably are. Love is not merely about being married or engaged. Don't have a boyfriend or girlfriend? That's okay. Love is caring for your family, your mom, your sister, your friend. Love is caring about your husband, your fiance, your boyfriend or maybe your pet. Whatever love is for you, I want to know. 

The Contest - Tell me who you are in love with!!! Contest begins today and ends on Friday January 28, 2011. To participate, you must post a comment on this blog or on my facebook page telling me who you love or are in love with and a short statement about why. It can be a sentence or it can be a couple. On Saturday January 29th I will place all of the comments in a big bowl and my fiance will do me the honors of reading them and choosing the winner. All comments will be anonymous so he will decide the winning statement based on content.

The Rules - Sweet and simple... Leave your comment on the blog or the facebook page. Tell me who you love and why. Deadline is Friday January 28th at 12:00 PM. Contest is open to all and anyone, including past clients. *Please note: future clients whom have already booked a session are ineligible due to the nature of the prize. I hope you understand :)

The Prize - A completely stylized LOVE SESSION... a specially customized Portrait Collection for the winning entry will include the following: A 45 minute on-location stylized session, complimentary web-ready images (a minimum of 3), private online gallery, and a completely FREE and custom designed 20 page 6x6 Flush Mount Album {A $300 value on its own!!!} and you get to hang out with me for a while ;)

So what do you say, will you enter and hopefully win? 

Spread the word and THANK YOU!!!