Winter Storm, Valley Style ;).


It was cold, really cold. While the a large chunk of the country was buried under snow and stressing over freezing temperatures, the Rio Grande Valley froze. For a night, that is. The past two days were really cold and the most winter we have had in a few years. Now 29 degree fahrenheit may be nothing for eskimos, but for valley natives, that's cold!!! 

We don't have cold weather. We have chilly nights and one day out of the year, usually way after Christmas, where we can actually wear a jacket and not look silly. But this week, we joined the nation in the winter storm. Boy was it interesting ;)

Although we lost electrical power the first night, having my mommy and little brothers around made up for it. I think by the end of the night we went a little crazy... just a little. We anxiously waited for snow but it never came. Every hour, we'd peek outside but there was nothing, just ice. And more ice. 

Because of lack of electricity, my job has been a little more difficult to accomplish without a working computer. So much time at home and nothing much to do, but take photos. With a phone, a phone that had very little battery! Alas, iphone came to the rescue and allowed us to entertain ourselves, a lot.

See the craziness below... All photos are iphone photos taken with insta.gram (the best app ever!). 

For my friends here at home, I hope you are still keeping warm... in the sunny weather making its way back! And for my friends everywhere else, keep warm!!! 

Happy Friday :)