Engaged - Martha and Daniel, Weslaco, Texas

Congratulations to Martha and Daniel, just recently engaged!!!! 

Martha and Daniel have known each other for more than five years. And after loosing contact with one another good old facebook brought them to reconnect with each other. Martha is a fun and spunky young woman full of life. Daniel, he seems to be perfectly made to love Martha. The two of them together were so much fun to spend time with. As we strolled through the Estero Llano Grande for their engagement session, it felt more like three good friends meeting up for a nice hike rather than work.

All the laughter almost made me forget about how heavy my camera bag is, ouch! Although we did not have time to see some alligators, we did have plenty of time to capture them together, in love. I had only met Martha once briefly at a wedding fair but upon seeing her again I felt comfortable around her. Thankfully, she seemed comfortable in front of the camera as well, which makes my job way much easier. This was my first time meeting Daniel and he, too, was quite a natural.

We joked about falling in the water, wrestling some gators and about their future wedding plans. It was a lovely Sunday afternoon and am delighted to have learned a little more about the two of them - who they are as individuals and as a couple.

Martha and Daniel, thank you for allowing me to photograph the two of you in all of your loving bliss. The two of you are kind-hearted and very much in love with one another. I congratulate you on your engagement and wish you a very blessed marriage. Enjoy the wedding planning and, most importantly, see you soon ;)!

Wohoooooooo! It's Friday ;) Be blessed!