Portrait Collection ♥ Ismael and Yvette - McAllen, Texas

Whoah! It's been a while since I've written any new blog posts.... gasp! I am a little behind on my blogging. But in case you've missed me, don't worry... I'm back and with a lovely session to share with you. 

Meet Yvette and Ismael... glowing parents to be. I was shopping for pillows and had to run out of the Burlington Coat store I was at with my mom to answer my incoming call. I was beyond excited in my little shopping spree for a project I'm working on (details soon, I promise!!).  I answered and said hello. On the other line of the phone was the voice of a man, a man wishing to book a portrait collection for his beautiful pregnant wife. 

I love photographing couples in all stages of their relationship... engaged, married, and pregnant! Ismael and Yvette were an absolutely fun couple to spend a lovely, yet windy, afternoon with. I can say I truly enjoyed spending time and getting to know them. They have been married a few years now and in less than a few months they will be welcoming a beautiful baby into this world. Congratulations to you both!!!

Like I mentioned, the day was so windy! Yvette glowed and her hair and make up artist did a wonderful job making her look her absolute best. Ismael was quite dapper himself. Together they battled the wind and made it work to their advantage and I think they handled themselves great. This is the fifth time in the past few weeks and/or months that I have photographed in gloomy-sunny-less days but I absolutely love it. The sky is one big softbox, yumm :)

Yvette and Ismael, thank you for allowing me to get to know you and photograph you during this very special time in your lives. I wish you every blessing in this world and a beautiful, healthy baby! I look forward to photographing him or her in the near future ;) God Bless!

Although we loved being outdoors in the strong wind, we decided to step inside for a few last shots... where Yvette's hair could look strategically in place ;)

Happy Thursday (or is it Friday, hmm....)!