Portrait Collection ♥ The Enriquez - McAllen, Texas

This is officially the third time photographing any member or all of the Enriquez Family -- and I never get tired of it!!!

L.T., the head of the family ;), entered the L.O.V.E. contest I held a little while back right before Valentine's Day. His winning entry was:

"The person I'm in love with is my wife, because shes mine... she is the sun in my sky.. and my angel here on earth. Every day that I wake up to her is a blessing, I don't remember how I ever made it through a day without her by my side. She is not only the most beautiful girl I've ever seen, but she is the sweetest person I know, she is a great mom to both my boys and she always puts us before herself. I love this girl with all my heart...and I cant wait to see what our future holds for us, but whatever it is I know its going to be great as long as its with her."

All of the entries were amazing and definitely fun to read. Thankfully, I did not have to pick the winner. Thanks to my eldest younger brother, I was off the hook from choosing. Instead, my brother read through all the entries, narrowed his top picks and eventually chose the winner. He chose the winning entry because he could relate most to what that individual had written - it was so sincere and truly showed he was absolutely in love with his wife. I have to agree.

L.T. and Leah have hired me to photograph their youngest child, Ryan, when he was just a few weeks old and later on for their first family photo. This time around, Ryan is a little bit older and completely awake for the session. And the weather was much more cooperative than their holiday session but we were definitely on a time crunch with literally just a few minutes before the sun set. 

Leiah wanted a new family session for Valentine's Day - that's what she wanted L.T. to get her. And he did, his winning entry won them a LOVE session. This family is absolutely beautiful and dear to my heart. I know there are great things coming to them and I look forward to seeing their beautiful boys grow up via my camera.

Leiah and L.T. thank you once again for allowing me to capture a glimpse in your lives and photograph your adorable family. Best wishes for the new year and may you grow together in love. Be blessed!!!

Matt and Ryan... they're matching!!! That is way cute ;)

Check out Ryan's hair in this one! Adorable... 

I think this is my favorite. 

I hope you're having a wonderful day!!!