Candace & Billy, Wedding - Weslaco, Texas

I booked my very first wedding back in December of 2009. I sat with the alumnae chapter of my sorority (Delta Zeta, wohoo!) during our Christmas dinner and I mentioned how I had decided to turn a hobby into a business. 

I am pursuing a career as a photographer this coming year. Now I just hope I book one wedding so that I can get on a roll... {Okay, so maybe I didn't think that exactly, but it went something like that...}

If I could just get someone to book me for their wedding, that was what I wanted the most back in December of 2009. Then it happened. Candace, in such a non-chalant way, said it. "You could photograph my wedding. I'll hire you." The room went silent. I'm not making this up because I myself was silent - somehow bewildered by her coy remark. Though my sisters may not admit it, I know they must have been shocked as well. Perhaps one of them even slightly choked on a Chick-fi-la nugget because there she was - hiring me as the person to photograph her wedding. I had only just done my first paying portrait session a few weeks before. Zero weddings. Zero.

Fast forward all of 2010 and we stop the last few weeks of December. Over the past year I have photographed about 8 weddings and have learned so much from each one. There was no better way to end my first wedding season than to spend the last wedding photographing Candace. Candace is my sorority sister so she obviously holds a special place in my heart. Candace was the first person to book me as their wedding photographer. She trusted me without having seen any professional work on my behalf. But she did it. 

Candace, thank you.

You gave me that nudge I so desperately wanted back in 2009... someone to hire me. And you did. 

Candace and Billy are perfectly made for one another. Billy is so kind and caring for his beautiful bride and Candace enjoys being Billy's number one lady. When Billy proposed to Candace back on her birthday two years ago, we were all excited for her. She had found someone so loving and caring. Someone who wanted to spend the rest of his life with her. Someone who was completely head over heels for her. 

Billy is lucky. Candace is an amazing young woman with a very caring heart. I met her as the president of my sorority when I joined. Tall, with long beautiful blonde hair, she exuded a caring personality while still leading our collegiate chapter. 

I had so much fun spending the day with her. The day she married. 

Billy and Candace, Thank you so very much for trusting me with your wedding day imagery. I had an absolute great time at your wedding... it was so much fun! I even got to put away my camera and dance the night away, oh the perks of photographing your close friend's wedding ;) I wish you both a healthy and blessed marriage filled with a lifetime of happiness. CONGRATULATIONS!!!! 

The look on the groom as he watches his bride walk down the aisle... priceless.

The beautiful flowers were by Special Flowers in McAllen, Texas. 

The boys being a little silly...

The reception was held at the beautiful Villa de Cortez Ballroom in Weslaco, Texas. 

Delicious cake by Norma's Cakes. Trust me, it was good. 

I posted more photos than I usually do for weddings but I just couldn't help myself.... Happy Thursday!

Be blessed :)

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