Itzel and Nathan, Engaged - Pharr, Texas

During one the summer's bridal sessions, I met a lovely young woman who was helping the bride for her bridal portraits. Itzel was quiet and somewhat timid. But very helpful and always looking out for the beautiful bride. As we struck conversation, Sarita - the bride - mentioned Itzel was her brother's girlfriend. Itzel and Sarita's mom said soon it would be Itzel's turn to have bridal portraits. So, naturally, I asked Itzel if she was engaged. She smiled and said no. Then I said, well, when you become engaged you'll make a lovely bride and maybe I'll get the chance to photograph you. 

A few weeks later at the wedding, I met Nathan. Nathan was a groomsmen and Itzel was a bridesmaid. Fast forward a few months and I received an email from Itzel... "I'm engaged!..." I was beyond excited :) Photographing Sarita's (Nathan's sister) wedding allowed me to meet and interact her family. I feel honored to be asked to come back for another wedding. 

Itzel is the ideal bride... in the sense that I completely see her as a young woman delighted to be engaged to the man of her dreams and eagerly awaiting the day she can begin the rest of her life completely with him. I am really looking forward to photographing their wedding because I can't wait to see what Itzel has planned. She is always on top of things and puts a lot of thought into every aspect of their wedding. Her and Nathan's engagement session was so well thought out that I was so delighted and simply just had to click the shutter and snap a picture.

Okay, so it wasn't that easy... I did kneel down a time or two, which totally makes my job a little harder ;) Kidding aside, spending an afternoon with them was fun. We began their session with some casual photos in their favorite basketball team's jerseys. How fun and cute is that?! Tons, trust me. Then we moved to Nathan's grandmother's house which has such an exquisite yard, all around. It is absolutely beautiful and very natural. 

Nathan and Itzel are completely in love with one another. After dating for a few long years, it is evident neither one wants to be without the other. That is truly amazing. The love they share for each other is apparent in the subtle ways they look at and speak to each other. But most importantly, they are wholeheartedly caring individuals, with everyone. 

I must add that Nathan is an exceptional pianist. He played throughout this whole segment and I was delighted to hear some amazingly played classical music. I almost wanted to put my camera down and just hang out and listen. But I had to be professional, of course ;)  
The light was golden that late afternoon, so romantic ;) 

Itzel and Nathan, Congratulations on your engagement!!! Thank you for spending a lovely afternoon with me and I am so looking forward to your wedding day!!!

Be blessed :)

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