Jessica and Robert, Engaged - McAllen, Texas

If you've been reading my blog for a while you may remember I briefly mentioned participating in a bridal/wedding fair back in October (2010). The decision to participate as an exhibitor, more commonly known as a wedding vendor, was truly last minute and a completely new experience for me. I had contemplated the idea of participating in a bridal fair for a while but I had no idea I actually would go through with it so soon. I found out about the October show on a Sunday afternoon and signed up by Tuesday evening. 

Gasp. I had a mere four days to get organize, prepare samples, and order tons of brochures. I was completely swamped with work in preparation for the bridal fair and was truly blessed to have the help of my parents, my brothers, Chris and his parents. Truly, without all of them I would not have managed, at all. I have been wanting to write about the experience as a whole but I completely overlooked writing that blog post. Perhaps I will sit down and reflect on the highs and lows from my first wedding show, perhaps. 

Well at this wedding fair, I had an engagement session giveaway and selected the winning couple from a random drawing back in November. The winners were a lovely couple who scheduled their session for mid-December and the weather was absolutely perfect that day. Jessica and Robert were complete strangers when I first met them. Within the past few weeks, however, I have learned a lot about them through text messages, phone calls, and our in person meetings. They are absolutely in love with one another and it was completely evident in their engagement session.

Jessica is quiet and somewhat timid. Robert complements his bride with a quite-ness about him while still being firm and talkative. Together they are two perfect pieces of a puzzle. I have certainly enjoyed getting go them through photographing them and meeting with them on various occasions for their ordering process. Their wedding is next month in February so I am eagerly excited for them to join one another in marriage. 

Jessica and Robert, thank you for allowing me to photograph you! I am delighted to have met you both and wish you a blessed and healthy marriage. May the Lord bless you both with many years together and an eternity of endless love. Enjoy the weeks leading up to the big day and have an amazing time on your wedding day!!!

To be in love, it's the best!

Happy Tuesday!!!

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