Bridal Session - Candace!!! Mission, Texas

About a week ago I photographed one of the most beautiful brides I had for the 2010 wedding season... and three days later she was married. Candace was the very first bride to hire me as a wedding photographer. When we sat at a crowded table last December and I spoke about my pursuit of running a business, she jumped at the opportunity. In reality, I jumped at the opportunity...

Without any prior wedding experience, or event for that matter, Candace hired me on the spot as her wedding photographer. I couldn't believe it myself but I was oh-so excited. When she came down to South Texas back in May for her engagement session, the reality set it.  But by May, I had already photographed my very first wedding, albeit small, and had embarked on booking a year full of weddings.

But Candace's assurance and her belief in my talent was what catapulted my confidence higher than before and allowed me to dive into pursuing this job I have as a wedding photographer. 

Candace, Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you! For always believing in me and trusting me to capture every detail of your amazing day! I am ever grateful for that push you gave me last December. Before I blog her wedding photos, I want to share with you the beautiful images from her bridal session. 

Truly a beautiful bride, Candace radiated in her wedding gown. Take a look...

You are beautiful Candace!!! Check back soon for their wedding blog post :)

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