Portraits - Elizabeth Robaina

About four or five years ago, I met a young woman with bright red lipstick and long locks at a Thanksgiving luncheon. She was bubbly and much more talkative than I was. She exuded personality and was quite friendly for having just met me. A few months later, I had the opportunity to spend an hour teaching her how to model and practice her communication skills. Me, the absurdly timid one, was giving her a lesson on public speaking and confidence. Go ahead, laugh... it still baffles me sometimes.

Fast forward to 2010 and Elizabeth has become a star. She shines brightly, truly. I am more than delighted and proud to call her my friend. I can't say I never imagined all the great things she would go on to accomplish that night we were practicing how to work it in our heels. But I am excited for everything that has come her way and all of the future endeavors I know she will be blessed with.

Elizabeth has graced the Nuestra Belleza Latina stage and has won numerous pageants both at the local, state, and national level. It was no surprise to me when I turned on the television and saw her as the newest weather girl for our local Univison network station.

But Lizzie, Lizzie is just getting started in achieving her ultimate goals. I see a bright career path just waiting for her to drive on. And now as a college graduate, Elizabeth is well on her way to making it to Hollywood! I know it, I just know it :)

Needless to say, for all the years I have known Elizabeth and all the countless modeling she has done, I have never photographed her. Until now. There was no way I'd let anyone else do her graduation portraits ;)

Lizzie, you are an amazing young woman and I am proud to call you my friend. I am so glad we became friends so long ago. Although at first glance we are such opposites, I feel like our friendship is a balanced one. Congratulations on earning your degree and good luck on conquering the world!!! Be blessed my friend, be blessed.

Now for photos...

For the scrapbook... :)

Wohoo Lizzie! You're a college GRADUATE!!! :) 

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