Adriana - Portraits

Congratulations Adri!!! You have just graduated this weekend and your whole family is proud of you! 

Adri walked across the stage this weekend and received her college diploma, a diploma well earned. When I first met Adri a few years ago back in college, she was always very well-mannered and extremely sweet. If it was not for Delta Zeta, I may never had met her but I am glad she helped pick me :) Adri was always a very studious young lady, working hard towards that nursing degree. 

As a college graduate, Adri is one step closer to becoming a nurse. I am more than sure she will become an exceptional nurse, she has those caring qualities. Adriana has just stepped into the realm of "real world - what we call adulthood and she is certainly prepared to conquer. 

Adri, I enjoyed spending that Sunday morning with you before finals and photographing you in all of your UTPA Senior glory. You are an amazing young woman and I congratulate you on your college graduation!!! Make your life amazing ;)

Now for photos...

Happy Tuesday!!!

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