Sometimes we come across things we don't quite understand and are faced with a decision of rolling with the punches or turning completely away and not looking back. A few days ago, on a cold-chilly night midnight came along.... Midnight.

Perhaps it was meant to be, perhaps not. It is possible that our family merely is so loving and caring that animals seek  us. Or maybe the cat was just plain hungry. Yes, cat. I've blogged about my chipoodles (all my chihuahuas and poodles) but never have I mentioned a cat. In fact, my family is not a cat family, we are all about dogs :) But Midnight has secured a place in our hearts. 

He is a member of our family now and perhaps he is meant to bring me luck ;)

He is absolutely adorable and to me he seems part dog... or at least I see the canine in him! Have a beautiful weekend!!!

Be blessed ;)