Mariana and Juan - Donna, Texas

Wowsers! The first week of November has almost come to its end... and I am still not quite sure I know what time it is. Daylight savings time has occurred and although I am definitely thankful for an "extra" hour of sleep, it is really going to be work trying to adjust. How are you adjusting? Well, I am a little behind on blogging and unfortunately I have been a little swamped and the daily blog post has been closer to the bottom than the top of the to do list. Fret not, though, because you my faithful reader have been on my mind all week :)

I really hope the fall is treating all of you exceptionally well and you are adjusting to the new time and the lovely fall weather. As October has come and left, the start of November brings about many happy memories for me and seems to put me in an extra happy mood. It could be due to my anniversary, pending birthday, and Christmas but I am most certain it is because God reminds me how blessed I am daily but I seem to pay extra special attention around this time.

This happy mood also makes me very spontaneous... So yesterday afternoon I decided I wanted to learn to shoot at night but I needed some fabulous models. Where could I find some last minute models??? Oh how handy my facebook has become in recent months... 

Mariana and Juan met over a year ago over the internet. They were planning on a 2011 wedding but decided the love they shared for one another needed to be expressed soon, way sooner so they happily wed a few weeks ago. The two of them fondly love each other and it was clear from the moment they introduced themselves. As luck would have it, there were two carnivals in my hometown and both were literally 2 minutes away from my house so I figured it was the perfect setting for a nighttime session. And it was, it totally was. 

Maybe it was the newly wed glow or the fact that they were in a carnival but Juan and Mariana were relaxed and natural in front of the camera. The environment made their session so colorful and fun but the two of them added the perfect romantic touch. Now the three of us together, we made a great team ;) Although we literally just met that day, we joked and laughed with one another the entire session. Ah, such easy going people, love them! 

The internet brought Mariana and Juan together and that same internet brought them to me. I asked for a loving couple to contact me as soon as possible for a last minute engagement/couple's session and Mariana jumped at the opportunity first. And I'm glad she did, I got to meet a wonderful and super fabulous couple.

Mariana and Juan, I hope you enjoyed your session. Thank you for letting me photograph you!






To view a slideshow from their session, please click here: Mariana ♥ Juan

Have a great week!!!