Marisol... open your eyes and listen.

Often the events that take place in our lives direct and guide us toward the path we fail to recognize as the road to the destiny our heart desires. Such is the case in my life, and probably yours. Things happen that make us sad and cry. Other times, things happen that leave us overwhelmed with joy and happiness. Regardless, tears and smiles shape our soul and when we stop struggling withour emotions, when we stop wrestling the way they make us feel, when we accept the things that happen and choose to learn from these events we move forward. Today, I choose to move forward. This world we call home, it is beautiful and I want to enjoy it - even when sad things happen. Life is living. Marisol do not be afraid to live

I write this mostly to myself, so that I can listen. Do not fret with the things that take place and hurt your feelings. Look past it and trust, know, see that God gives you strength to make it through the tangled webs. When you stop fighting your own battles and finally admit that you are not alone, God will save you. Literally. So God, forgive me for thinking I could do it all on my own. I cannot. I need you. I lift up my worries and trust in you. You give me the tears I cry so that when you give me the happiness to make me smile it means so much more. I love you and I am yours.

God, thank you.

Be blessed. Be thankful. Be happy ♥ Love one another.