Baby Arianny ♥ Brownsville, Texas

When I photograph weddings, I enjoy capturing the love two people share. One of the best parts of my job is seeing my clients enjoy the landmark moments in their lives in front my camera. Saying I do and bringing home a brand new baby make my role as a photographer extra special. I help fabulous people enjoy their blessings and the opportunity to look back years after years as their lives change through photographs. The imagery I am able to capture is merely possible because of the inherent beauty that lies within each one of my clients. 

Photographing pets makes me adopt more dogs. Photographing weddings makes me want to get married sooner. Yup, you guessed it... photographing babies makes me want lots of them! They are so sweet and tender without even trying. Their tiny bodies are a miracle created by God. Babies are truly a blessing and I look forward to the day until I ceaselessly photograph my very own children. Until then, I'll focus on photographing all of my newborn clients, in all of their cuteness glory.

Baby Arianny was just born a few days ago and already she has taken the world by storm with her beautiful eyes and heavenly smile. Her loving parents have been blessed with a beautiful baby girl and I have been blessed with an another tiny little client. Carolina is only the third baby I have photographed, ever. My newborn sessions are a little different than the style which is currently prevalent among many baby photographers. I see people, babies included, a little different. I certainly think they look adorable while they are quietly sleeping and posed in such intricate ways. But babies sometimes cry or don't want to sleep. They stretch and blink and often don't stop crying. And all of that is natural, and I like to capture them that way.

I love babies, this one included. Please meet the beautiful Arianny... welcome to the world!

I hope you had an amazing Tuesday!