Engaged ♥ Krystal and Larry

In elementary school while everyone was growing taller I stayed the same. Being short was some type of oddity in my school... everyone else was taller and I was little. After fifth grade, elementary was over and I was moving on to the bigger school... MIDDLE SCHOOL! Still, I was one of the smallest students and now it was so much more obvious because there was a ton more tall people, great. Then I joined music class and in I sit next to this little girl with lots of curly hair. Her name, she said was Krystal. We both played the flute and we were both oh-so-little. Actually, I am almost sure Krystal was smaller than me. Regardless, we became absolute best friends and I fondly remember giggling and doodling during band class.

Krystal taught me how to draw Mickey Mouse on my sheet music and I taught her how to play scales, I think. As the years passed we grew centimeters and remained still shorter than others. But our friendship remained and then we hit high school. Krystal and I no longer had every moment to hang out with one another but we always remained friends. After high school graduation this amazing networking tool was created, you may have heard of it... Facebook anyone? and it became easily accessible to reconnect with many past friends. Krystal and I soon became friends again and I am ever thankful because I had missed her.

After so many years, different things have changed in our lives although our height remains the same. Krystal and I shared many things in common many years ago and it makes me smile that in a way we still do. We both have an amazing person to love and love us back... Krystal is soon getting married to her high school sweetheart. And I find it creatively fit that we both ended up with a heart on our left finger ;)

I am beyond thrilled to be photographing her wedding and very excited for all the great things unfolding in her life. Krystal and Larry share an amazing love that is evident in their quite, intimate and timid moments. The peaceful stares and glances they share evoke simplicity and love. It's perfect. I am more than sure they complement one another. Don't believe me, see for yourself...
 Have a lovely Sunday and always keep your faith. ♥