Portraits ♥ Mitzi & Gals

Whoah! Today is Wednesday (soon to be Thursday...) and Mitzi and her DZ gals have hit the blog. Mitzi celebrated her birthday last week and had scheduled a portrait session for herselve and some of her Delta Zeta sorority little sisters. The session turned into mini-session for the girls and ended with some fun group photos. It made me very happy that Mitzi wanted to shedule another session with me after we shot her Senior Session back in May. 

When I met with her earlier this afternoon, she was radiating with a large smile on her face. I'm little, but Mitzi is way more little than me.... so I saw this short and spunky young woman walking towards me and I knew she had something to say. And she did; Mitzi has been accepted into a Master's Program at a great univeristy and will be leaving the Rio Grande Valley soon to begin a completely new chapter in her life. I am so excited for her. I have known her for about four years and I know we will continue to cross paths both as Delta Zeta sisters and friends in the future years.

This spunky brunette has traveled the world at such a young age... a student here at the local university, a student at Georgetown in D.C., an internship with Toyota in San Antonio, and a spontaneous trip to Paris!!! She's wild, isn't she? In reality, Mitzi is ambitious. She's beginning to conquer the world in her own way, I know it. Mitzi I am very happy for all the great new things opening up in your life at the present moment. God will continue to bless you with many, many more. Good luck and I hope this wasn't our last session ;)

Here's Mitzi and some of the gals...
God Bless Always!!! ♥