The blessings we call children... Baby Ryan

I consider myself to have a strong nurturing personality. I want to help everyone and care for them. At only 5'2" I seem to think I can protect others from the unfortunate evil things that co-exist in our world. Weird, I know... But it is just in my nature to be caring and want the best for everyone around me. I think this is why I am practically a second mother to my younger siblings... I've helped to care for them since they were born so they are ultra-special for me.

As I sit and wonder about all the future blessings God has in store for me I often imagine what it would be like to have my own children. I think I'd be a great mother... my five chipoodles are basically my children and I care for them dearly. I can't imagine loving a chihuahua so much more than I do mine... until I think about what the love for a child must be like.

When I began this photography career I never thought I would be photographing babies. I love children, dearly. But the thought of holding a newborn scared me. I liked to carry them when they were big and easier to hold, made me feel safer for them. As I have aged, however, and many of my friends began to marry and have children, I have been exposed to so many newborns over the past year. So much that I love itty-bitty babies so much more now and I can't wait to carry my own.

At the moment, though, I am quite content with photographing many more of them so I can help capture irreplacable moments for happy and blessed parents - like Leiah and L.T. I've known L.T. for a few years now and had the opportunity to attend his wedding when he married his beautiful wife Leiah. The two of them, I think, balance one another. L.T. enjoys to talk and be funny. Leiah seems a bit more quiet. The two of them together have been blessed with a beautiful baby boy and I am more than sure he will inherit both of his parent's personalities.

Baby Ryan was born in August and because time did not permit, I was unable to photograph him until he was three weeks old. Regardless, he was itty-bitty and such a good baby, probably because his mommy did all the work and I just photographed him :)

Leiah and L.T., thank you for allowing me to photograph your sweet baby boy. Baby Ryan, I wish you every blessing in this world :)

Happy Saturday my dear friends!