Open Letter.

To you who has broken my heart, I forgive you. More than that, I will pray for you.

I have neglected to write any new posts for a mere and simple reason, I am sad. I have poured myself into my work because I can be quiet behind the lens and still be productive. But when given the opportunity to write, I can't help but pour my soul out. For almost two months I have cried myself to sleep endless nights. My heart has broken into more pieces than I ever thought possible. I fight the anger that is inherent in human nature. I must not allow myself to feel angry for the things that God has planned. It is a struggle for the human mind to comprehend many things that take place in our lives. But a word of advice, don't try to. Just take the events that happen and have faith, always have faith.

I may never know who has broken my heart but I forgive him, her or them.

So to show you, whoever you are, that I am strong and still a strong believer, I leave you with this picture. I may cry, but I am strong. I've been working on many new projects and needed a picture of myself so my mother happily obliged. She is such a trooper and I could not go through this without her by my side. God is always looking out for me.

 Dear God, I need you.