Sarita... Bridal Session ♥

It was one of those moments in which you are so busy, your phone rings and you contemplate on whether to let the voice mail take a message or running towards the phone to pick it up. The day Sarita called me was one of those moments. It was early in the morning and I was busy cleaning out an old building full of dust. Really, I was cleaning out true vintage items in an old, stinky place. It was hot and there was no air condition in the room I was in. I had been cleaning out through the rummage for about an hour when my phone rang. I remember leaving it on top of a few boxes all the way across the room. I sat there on the floor early that Friday and wondered if I had the strength to get up, run and answer my phone.

But I did and I am very glad. On the other line was a sweet voice of a young bride. Sarita had spent the past months planning her wedding to her very own prince charming and tha last thing on her bridal to do list was booking a wedding photographer. Guess who got the call... I did ;) 

At the start of the summer I was excited for all the weddings I had lined up during the hot summer months but hers was one of the ones I was most looking forward to. Sarita is quite and somewhat timid and the wedding style she described seemed very much something I would plan. She was chic, romantic with a hint of vintage. Of course I was excited! We kept in touch through meetings, phone calls, text messages, facebook and email. Finally, a week before her July wedding we managed to squeeze in her bridal session. 

When the doors opened from her dressing room and Sarita walked out fully dressed in her bridal attire I realized I loved my job.  I get to share the special moments of many of my client's lives. And that day, I got to share Sarita's bridal bliss as her photographer. We spent the morning light walking around the trails of the Quinta Mazatlan and she was a real trooper. Sarita's mom and bridesmaid were the best assistants ever! And even though I left the sessoin with bruises and mud, I am glad to take a dip in any pond for my brides - whatever gets us the winning shots. Sarita you made for a beautiful bride and I hope your beloved Kennedy loves the following shots...
Congratulations to Sarita and Kennedy on their recent wedding... photos coming soon ;)

Good night and have a happy Monday night :)