I love my doggies. ♥

It's Wednesday evening and for the past two days waking up and getting out of bed has been really difficult. Yes I am tired. Yes my body aches. Yes I am very much sleep deprived at the moment. But that hasn't made it difficult to wake up. My doggies make it difficult.... I like to jump onto my fluffy covers and cuddle with my little 4lb chihuahuas and 6lb poodles. My chipoodles are very much my children so I have been feeling a little sad that I have not spent as much time as I'd like to with them for the whole past week. So when it's time to wake up in the mornings I don't want to. I much rather stay in and cuddle with them since they seem to be still asleep as I drag myself up and start a brand new day. 

Play time had turned into "Hurry up and go potty while mommy checks her phone..." moments. Blahhh... someone please throw a bone at ... my head! What a horrible dog owner I have been! But alas, today I decided to be a much better mommy and enjoyed an evening of barks, water and my furry critters. We spent the evening outside running around, yes - I ran around too, chasing them with my camera. I love my pets! 

Chuy ♥
Roberto ♥
Lupita ♥
Ronald ♥
Peke ♥

I love them!!!
Don't forget to stop every now and then and admire those who love you and the ones you love... pets included!

Happy Wednesday :)