2010 College Senior... Vanessa!!!

I'm going to cry."

A little while ago I was having a conversation with a beautiful young woman on the benefits of her college experience. Vanessa is a sweet, loving and caring young lady with the world waiting for her to choose a path to conquer. This true Texas gal has the voice of lady and the attitude of a good pair of cowboy boots... Sometimes we take for granted the events we partake in during our daily routines - waking up, getting dressed, attending school, studying, and sleeping - all things many college students experience over the span of a few years. For some it takes longer than usual and for others the college experience passes in blink of an eye. Regardless, for every graduating college senior the routine is always the same. Each individual progressively works towards reaching the ultimate goal - graduating with their respective degree.

When we get so caught up in the daily routine we call college we sometimes reach the end of the credit line and it becomes a bit difficult to realize and enjoy we are graduating. We become stressed over grades and classes and often run through our last semester because we just want to be finished. Last week Vanessa met me early in the morning with her cap and gown ready for some senior portraits. She was relaxed at first and then seemed a bit anxious to get the session over. Then she did it, she put on her cap and gown, took a deep breath and realized she was graduating. Finally! was written all over her facial expression. It was a finally of realization and of peace as she relaxed once again and enjoyed documenting her last days as an undergraduate.

This evening Vanessa came by and we looked at her proofs when she said it, I'm going to cry. I wondered if it was a misstep in my hearing or if I was just really tired and sleepy. But she did say it, she looked at my photographs of her session and said she was excited for graduation and smiled as she realized all of her accomplishments. I felt a warmness in my heart and a smile overcome my face. I helped her to see her self as a college graduate. Most importantly, I saw her grow during her collegiate years. As a Delta Zeta sister, like me, she gained invaluable bits of knowledge she is ready to use in the real world.

Vanessa, I wish you the ultimate best in your new chapter in life. The years of college textbooks and exams are over for now. You will only turn a page to your new life, not to spend countless hours of studying time. I am sure your family, friends, and loved ones are proud of you. And guess what, our sorority is too! Congratulations!!!

Have a Blessed Sunday!!! ♥